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Loschwitzer Brücke - Blaues Wunder

The Loschwitz Bridge became one of Dresden's landmarks because the inhabitants experienced the "Blue Wonder" with it (german idiom for experiencing an unpleasant surprise). Firstly, at the end of the 19th century the citizens were amazed at the stability and load-bearing capacity of the steel structure without any piers in the riverbed, as at that time there was no experience whatsoever with this construction method. For that reason, after its completion, the structure was subjected to a special stress test: for several days all the heavy material to be found was allowed to roll over the bridge, including trams loaded with stones and anchors and horse-drawn carriages. On the other hand, the bridge is said to have been painted green at first, but the mixture of cobalt blue and chrome yellow has dissolved over time, so that the bridge changed colour in a seemingly miraculous way and shone blue from then on.
The bridge crosses the Elbe River and connects the districts of Blasewitz and Loschwitz.

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