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Old town hall

The old town hall is the oldest part of the Düsseldorf town hall, located on the northern side of the market square. The brick building dates from the 16th century and was therefore designed in the simple forms of the Renaissance. With its characteristic octagonal stair tower and the Jan Wellem equestrian statue at its feet, it has always shaped the appearance of Düsseldorf's market square. Originally, two halls were located on the ground floor, which were used by the guilds to serve the purpose of selling their goods. In 1749, the building was renovated in the Baroque style, resulting, among other things, in a portal with a balcony next to the stair tower. In addition, the figure of Justitia, representing the goddess of justice in Roman mythology, was placed in the niche of the tower.
Every year a Christmas market is held on the market square in front of the town hall.

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