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Located in the heart of Düsseldorf's old town, the market square is now only used occasionally as such and serves mainly representative purposes. The square measures approximately 50 x 50 metres and is surrounded by buildings on all four sides. The western and northern sides are bordered by the town hall and the buildings on the southern side are used for administrative purposes, while the remaining parts are enlivened by shops and restaurants. Also noteworthy is the Jan Wellem equestrian monument in the middle of the square.  
The Düsseldorf market was once held here and the central location of the square has always been a good place to celebrate official events and welcome guests to the city. A Christmas market has been held in front of the town hall for some years now, and every now and then wine festivals or artisan markets take place here. Every year on November 11th the carnival begins with the awakening of the Hoppeditz at 11:11 a.m..

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