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Courtyard Garden

With a total area of around 28 hectares, the Hofgarten extends from the edge of the old town on Heinrich-Heine-Allee to Jacobistraße with Jägerhof Castle in the very west and from the banks of the Rhine to Königsallee. Located in the heart of the city, the park offers a pleasant opportunity to escape the hustle of the Rhine metropolis on a pleasant walk and is therefore just as popular with Düsseldorfers seeking relaxation as it is with the numerous tourists.
Particularly appealing is the historically rooted unification of two different park styles - the French-Classical style with its deliberately designed forms and accurately arranged elements in the older part of the Hofgarten stands in a charming contrast to the English park style with the expressiveness of the natural landscape.
Many historical monuments and modern sculptures characterize the image of the first Volksgarten in Germany. As part of the realization of the "Kö-Bogen" project, the high garden terraces were redesigned with an artificial extension of the Landskrone to Elberfelder Strasse.
A total of three playgrounds and two dog areas as well as a wide range of open-air concerts in summer invite visitors to linger and have something to offer for everyone.



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