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Palace Complexes in and around Munich

The Munich Residence is one of the biggest palace complexes in Germany and was the residence and seat of government of the Wittelsbach dynasty until 1918. State rooms from successive epochs and outstanding art and architectural treasures take you on a journey through four centuries of history.

Nymphenburg Palace was commissioned in 1664 by Henriette of Savoy as a summer palace modelled on Italian villa architecture. Her successors expanded the palace, redesigning it in accordance with the spirit of the times. The “Gallery of Beauties” of King Ludwig I, the Great Hall and the Marstallmuseum are some of its highlights.

The palace complex in Schleissheim consists of three palaces: the Old Palace, the Lustheim Palace and the New Palace of Schleissheim, which is one of the most magnificent Baroque palaces. The furnishing and the Baroque structure of the Court Garden have been preserved in their original form.

Dachau Palace originated in an early medieval castle and was extended into a massive palace complex. The Renaissance coffered ceiling is among the most important of its kind in south Germany.



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