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English Garden

The 417 hectare park is one of the world`s largest public parks and it offers lots of possibilities for leisure activities, especially in summer: There are various walking and cycling paths and boat rental on the Kleinhesseloher lake. However, the English Garden is well-known for beer gardens. Tourist attractions include the beer garden at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) and the Seehaus. It is quieter in the northern part at the Aumeister and Hirschau beer gardens. These are not so centrally located, but they can be easily reached by bike through the park. Additional places of interest are the Monopteros monument, built in Greek style and the Japanese Tea House.

The English Garden is both beautifully designed and historically very important as the first public garden on the Continent, which paved the way for the further development of public green areas in towns. With its generous dimensions and constantly changing views of park architecture and landscape features, with its enclosed spaces and the play of light and shade, the English Garden is an outstanding example of a classical landscape garden.



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