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Münchner Stadtmuseum

The Munich City Museum is the largest municipal museum in Germany; not only because of its spatial expansion in the historic parts of the building from different eras, but also thanks to its multi-faceted collections, which include art and design as well as things of cultural and historical interest and everyday objects. Changing special exhibitions feature works from the various collection areas, such as applied arts, urban culture, photography, graphics/paintings, advertising art, puppet theater/exhibitions, music and fashion. Munich's city history is presented in a permanent exhibition on three floors; a separate permanent exhibition on the first floor deals with Munich's National Socialist past. The music and puppet theater/exhibition collections each have their own exhibition areas. Puppet theater performances and concerts are also regularly held at the museum. The Filmmuseum München, with its extensive archive of historical films, offers a daily changing cinema program. The special and permanent exhibitions are complemented by a diverse educational program, such as guided tours and workshops. With inclusive educational methods, such as tactile objects or guided tours with sign language interpreters, the museum makes an offer for all visitors, with and without disabilities. The Munich City Museum also has a wide-ranging digital portfolio, from virtual tours and the online collection to videos and podcasts. To be found on the museum's website: www.muenchner-stadtmuseum.de/digitales Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Münchner Stadtmuseum


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