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Olympiapark Munich

The Olympic Park has it all – adventures, thrills, fascinating moments and certainly a lot of history regarding sports, rock and pop. To get the gist of the close to 50-year history of the Olympic Park, you ideally take part in one of the exciting and adventurous guided tour of the visitors’ service.
The absolute highlight is the daily Roof Climb. Optimally equipped with a rope and a snap hook for safety, the tour leads along the world famous acrylic glass field and to the top of a pylon. Take in the breath taking panorama and architecture.
Looking for even more thrilling options? The Abseiling-Tour and Flying Fox across the Stadium are your choices.
For the less adventurous the visitor service also offers tours that stay on the ground among them the Stadium Tour and the Tour de Park. Certainly all tours are offered in various languages.
An absolute must is a visit of the Olympic Tower. Enjoy the view from the visitor platform in a height of 200 m and see the Alps, if the weather is cooperating. The highest Rock Museum of the World is also included in the admission price.



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